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Allianz Italia is one of the leading Italian brokers and is part of the Allianz SE group, one of the world leaders in the insurance sector and asset management, with over 150,000 employees serving more than 100 million customers in over 70 countries.

In Italy, the second insurance market for the Group after Germany, Allianz Italia operates with approximately 4,500 employees serving more than 7 million customers, through a multi-channel distribution network made up of over 25,000 Agents and Financial Advisors, important bancassurance agreements, and the direct company Allianz Direct SpA.


Allianz Ultra House and Assets

Allianz’s best solution to protect your home and assets. 

Simple, clear and fully customizable in content and price, it guarantees you the best of Allianz protection. 

With Allianz you are protected in the event of:

Fire and Explosion

Often the real dangers that can cause massive damage to homes are not perceived. A fire or explosion caused by a gas leak could seriously damage your home and neighbours’. In these cases, the costs of refurbishing your home could easily exceed € 150,000 to which you could add those to compensate the neighbours.

Water Damage

One day you could wake up and realize you have water up to your ankles: accidental breakages of appliances, pipes and systems happen frequently and can also cause substantial damage. In the worst cases, when you fail to intervene promptly, not only your home and its contents could be seriously damaged but also those of the neighbours. The economic consequences could even exceed € 50,000.


Civil liability

The obligation to compensate for damage always falls on the assets of those who caused it and could jeopardize the economic stability of the whole family. The most common cases regard damage caused to neighbouring apartments, the result of a simple distraction or careless behaviour, yours or of a family member. But other unforeseen events could also occur, for example: your child, while riding a bicycle, could hit someone causing him serious physical injuries that can generate a claim for compensation that could exceed € 150,000.



If a thief sneaks into your home, you must not only consider the value of the stolen goods, which can easily reach € 10,000, but also the damage caused to windows and furniture.


Natural disaster

Italy is one of the most exposed nations to hydrogeological and seismic risk. In recent years extreme weather events with heavy rain and snow have been increasingly frequent. An earthquake or flood can seriously jeopardize the safety of your home and its contents. In these cases, the cost of restoring the situation could easily exceed € 150,000.



Dogs and cats are part of the family, which is why we care about their health and well-being and are responsible for their actions. In fact, regardless of its size, an animal can inadvertently cause significant damage, even just for fun. For example, your dog, running in the park, could cause a passer-by to fall and get some serious physical injuries that could lead to a claim for compensation of up to € 100,000.




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