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GC Partners – Our service is our currency

We are one of the UK’s largest dedicated financial services provider specialising in moving money overseas quickly, reliably, and securely, utilising great foreign exchange rates and zero fees.


What we do

Whether you are an individual looking to purchase a property overseas, or a business that is selling or buying goods from other countries, we can help. It does not matter how large or small the payments are. From a substantial one-off property sale to regular ongoing payments, you can rely on us.


Why CG Partners?

Since 2003, we have made it simple for over 150,000 people like yourself to transfer money to more than 125 markets across the world. Utilising great exchange rates, our bespoke services are designed to be quick, reliable, and secure. That is why we have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on TrustPilot, one of the highest in the industry.


Enjoy better exchange rates

Do you want the best exchange rate to buy a house abroad, to transfer a pension or pay school fees?

Not only will we outperform the high street banks, but we’ll also guide you through the simple and stress-free money transfer process. Your dedicated account manager will get to know you and understand your needs, then suggest the best options available to help you transfer your money.


Make big savings on fees

International transfers can be costly. If you transfer your money overseas with your U.K., U.S., Canadian or Australian bank you could be charged anything from £/$10 to £/$40 for each transfer. It does not sound much on a €250,000 transfer to buy a house, but the costs can add up. Especially if you are transferring money every month to pay your mortgage or bills, as charges could amount to £/$120 to £/$480 a year. European banks may also take a fee for receiving funds from an overseas bank, so you could be charged both ways. An account with GC Partners removes all these costs.


Options you can’t get from your bank

We think you should be able to move your money in ways that suit you. Ways that your bank cannot offer.

Like our buy-now pay-later forward contract option. You fix the exchange rate before buying your house, so you know exactly how much your property is costing you.


Security information

Security and compliance are of paramount importance to GC Partners. All transactions are initiated using a secure payment system and processed by our Tier 1 banking partners. Client money is held in segregated client accounts known as ‘safeguarding’ accounts. All client funds are held separately from any company money or assets in order to comply with regulations.

GC Partners is independently audited each year by 3rd party Compliance specialists to ensure that all processes, procedures and controls are in line with FCA guidelines. GC Partners has Professional Indemnity (PI), Directors and officers, and Cyber insurance. Certificates available on request.

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