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Our Future

Salento With Loveconcept is based on the restructuring and refurbishment of listed and existing buildings such that they are the aspirational fulfilment of today’s generations of millennials, hipsters and entrepreneurial spirits.

Large investments have been made by the local governments and town councils to revitalise and enhance these once forgotten places and heritage sites.

Small and interesting businesses and eateries have sprung up in these areas, creating a very large pool of local trades. This kind of development and the creation of a safe, habitable and desirable environment has created a demand from locals to invest in live back in the historic centres and it is one which is beginning to demand a premium.

Cool Design

Our concept is based around the idea of refurbishing and bringing back to their full glory these heritage buildings with modern internal architecturally stimulating spaces in small period buildings.

Our designs are sourced and based on the research and knowledge that we have acquired through our own experience of local cultural behaviour and the norms of todays generations of young vibrant professional business people who are a demand for our style of high-quality rental properties.

OurĀ winning concept is based on buying sound developable and desirable small properties, with listed or historic heritage – restoring them to reflect our brand and making them available for rental to the local community.

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