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Who are our corporate investors?

Individuals and companies that buy multiple units with the purpose of renting back to the local market, with an annual return ranging from 4/8%.

Our simple and effective business model has attracted and is continuing to attract multiple buyers.

Our main focus

The blight of mass emigration during the late 50’s through to the early 80’s created a big void in the local communities and consequently a large number of solidly constructed and sound properties were abandoned and have never been renovated or re-occupied.

These properties constitute our main focus.

A perfect scenario for investment

Statistics shows that privately owned properties sank to their lowest point in the middle of 2013. Figures are also showing a vibrant pick up in property sales, with prices however, remaining at an historic low.

This proves that singular private individual investors are currently looking to capitalise on the current market status.

The current situation creates a perfect scenario for investment

This is an opportunity to invest in very fast-growing area.

The team handling your investment is on the ground and has more than 30 years of business experience in the UK and Italy.

Current market trends are creating a window of opportunity with property prices being at a historic low with an increasing demand for local long-term rental & holiday homes.

Increase in capital value over 10 years is potentially remarkable.

You have a dedicated Property management company on the ground handling your investment.

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