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    Letting us know your requirements is the first step towards investing in Salento. You can avoid looking all over the internet for the perfect deal or location that fits your requirements, by registering with us and let us do the job for you.

    We search through the region and supply you with enough options for you choose from.

    We will keep you regularly updated on any new availabilities.


    The reasons behind your investment are important to us. You’re probably thinking about expanding your Real Estate portfolio or investing into a series of holiday home accommodations.

    You may consider a retirement location or a holiday home for you and your family. Whatever the reason may be, we would always like to make sure that the investment side of your buying is well covered.

    We believe that returns and exit strategies are as important as the buying.


    We like to call it investment even if you’re thinking about your own property.

    Finding the right one or the one that suits your requirements can be a very dispendious exercise.

    Search through our database to find some fine examples.

    Also complete our Register link to receive regular updates from us.


    Tell us about your finding in Salento region. You have probably just returned from your holiday in this corner of paradise. Or you have been to a travel exhibition and learned about Salento. Or simply bumped into some great articles link talking about the potential in this area.

    You may have done your own research online and found your perfect investment opportunity. We can help you through the process!

    We offer a total transparent service, that will take you through from the official offer, negotiations, exchange and completion.


    Simply contact us to find out about our services. We offer an all-inclusive package, taking care of every aspect of your purchasing process.

    Our cost will be easily absorbed by the amount of money you will save, going from the negotiation stages to any legal and logistical issues.

    We cover every aspect of your deal. We take care of your investment, because we are aware that the investment commences from you saving money at the Start point.


    The Italian law considers making an offer a formal way of moving the deal forward. We make sure, that before you reach this stage, you’re totally ready to move forward.

    We consult with you and advice on the best offer to make. We can make the offer for you and negotiate all the way until both parties are satisfied.

    Knowing the market allows us to advise on the best possible offer to make, we have saved thousands of Euros for our clients over the years.


    Once your offer has been accepted exchange will take place. A deposit, usually 10% of the purchase price will be transferred or paid. The completion date is then mutually agreed and confirmed.

    The completion and conveyancing process in Italy are done by a Notary service, he will be responsible for all legal aspects and local searches.

    We will assist you throughout the process and communicate with your legal representative on your behalf, every step of the way.


    We are transparent when it comes to fees and charges. Our fee is a standard fee, covering the deal from beginning to end.

    Our partners (local estate agents) will apply a percentage fee on the purchase price (ranging from 1% to 3% of the purchasing price).

    The notary service (solicitor) will charge his relevant fee (we will quote before going ahead) and any tax related charges including stamp duty (Ranging from 2% to 9% of the purchasing price)


    You have signed papers, transferred the remaining balance to the owner of the property or the Notary.

    Keys are handed over to you or your representative.


    You’re now the legal owner of a property in SALENTO


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