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    After a consultation and engaging our services, building/s are personally sourced for you, according to your budget and requirements.

    With an all-inclusive package, we will assist you with the purchasing process, every step of the way.

    Our options cater for different needs, from private to corporate investors and property owners. 


    The building is purchased in full on your behalf using the services of Salento With Love UK Ltd or our sister company Salento with love Srl.
    The property is registered in your personal name or your company name.


    Design and renovation costs are finally agreed, based on indications given prior to the purchasing of the property.

    Salento With Love, will supply a guideline cost for renovation or refurbishment with every property offered.

    Our experience allows us to see the full potential of the investment, including the renovation costs.


    Renovation process begins and is handled through our partner property management company Salento With Love Srl.

    Our aim is to keep costs and times at a minimum to maximise the potential return for you.

    We are an investment company and your financial returns are our priority.


    Property completed and ready for the rental market.

    Your property will be dealt according to your investment plan.

    No matter what your final objective is, our property management service will take full care of your investment.


    Get your regular returns paid directly to you.

    Monthly rental income or holiday Home income will be paid directly to your nominated account.

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