Introducing Salento to the 21st Century

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    Salento is the area in the southern most point of the boot of Italy that forms approx. a third of one of the fastest developing and prosperous Italian regions: Puglia.

    With two international airports: Brindisi and Bari, serviced with regular flights by Budget airlines and national carriers and an extensive well-developed motorway network.

    From a historically very rich and productive agricultural manufacturing developments in the industrial period and now with a strong, and you could say, booming tourism and leisure developments the present and the future look bright and are very welcome.


    The blight of mass emigration during the late 50’s through to the early 80’s, created a big void in the local communities and consequently a large number of solidly constructed and sound properties were abandoned and have been never renovated or re-occupied.

    These properties constitute one of the biggest real estate opportunity in this region.


    Salento is surrounded by some of the best beaches in Europe and benefits from rural and sustainable approach to the countryside and sea.


    Government and Regional Statistics are demonstrating that the Salento is developing and growing well and forecasting that the growth ill be sustained attracting local, national and international investors over the next 20 years in the fields of real estate, light manufacturing, artisanal trades and crafts, as well as the burgeoning and virtually now year-round tourism and everything associated with that.


    Our aim is developing sustainable tourism and investment within the region. We have created tailored made products and services aimed at offering peace of mind in the field of Real Estate, holiday homes, investment and business development.

    Our network of local partners also allows us to offer peace of mind.


    Our transparency will guide you through all the way at every step of your experience with this territory, make Salento With Love your future partner.


    Salento With Love is headed up by Davide Mengoli, who has a proven and successful business track record, as well as a formidable reputation for undertaking and developing exciting and entrepreneurial activities.

    His extensive connections and the development of effective local contracting team and the successful implementation of teamwork gave allowed for the management of several companies in the UK, Italy and the US with extraordinary results.

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