Land Banking

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This practice is very profitable!

Purchasing attracting buildings and land with the plan of future sale without developing the site. Figures are showing a 4/6% annual increase on the cost of properties, but this percentage can grow much higher, if a shortage of a particular type of property is created on the market.

The practice consists in Salento With Love, identifying appealing properties on the territory and securing a very attractive purchasing price.

The important element is to hold the property for a period of a list 5 years to benefit from any tax breaks and growth on the market.

During this length of time Salento With Love Uk Ltd, will monitor the progress of your portfolio investment and give you regular updates. Any inquiries regarding potential interest in the property will be communicated directly to the investor or the company represented swiftly.

You can also see the uptrend by accessing your investor login area

The property will be covered by a basic property management service package.
We are managing a large number of Land Banking clients and the results are very positive.

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