Long Term Rentals

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Our product has been tried and tested

and it works!

Once your property is ready or if you have a property that reflects the standards of Salento With Love , we will offer the property to the local market.

Due to our high standards our properties generate 10/15% more than other properties on the market and they get rented rapidly.

What we offer is quite unique:


Short tenancy agreements 12months

Stylish deco

New finishes

Fully furnished

 Ready to move in


What we do:

We advertise the property through our portals and social media

 We show the property to potential tenants

 We carefully check every candidate

 We do a complete inventory of the property

 We take a deposit on your behalf

 We get the contracts signed and registered with the Italian authorities

 We manage the property for the full duration of the tenancy.


Long term rentals are producing a very high yield and in very high demand in Salento.

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