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The re-structuring of listed buildings and protected historic areas in the centre of towns in Italy is common place, well governed and controlled. In the last two decades throughout Italy great and successful efforts have been made by the Government and local authorities to protect and enhance these beautiful areas.

Historically Italy had one of the largest percentages of private property ownership in Europe.

This is now rapidly changing and is currently unsustainable.

A growing number of Singles and aspirational unmarried young couples all looking for modern places to live that reflect their new non-traditional Italian lifestyles Рthese are just some of today’s realities throughout Italy.

These factors are fuelling the increase in the demand for rental properties in the market.

The perfect scenario for your business

Rental contract norms in Italy are a standard 4 years and automatically renewed for another 4 years, making rental income very stable and in some cases, tenants tend to stay in the property for over 15 years.

Rent control is virtually non-existent and is now neither controlled nor capped. Rental rates are dictated by market demand.

The current situation creates a perfect scenario for our business model: properties at a historically low purchase price with little capital available locally for property investment and rental properties in high demand.

Rents are moving in an upwards direction (i.e. increasing) and the current property market is gradually moving up and follows the apparent trends of neighbouring Mediterranean countries (viz: Spain and Portugal).

The current scenario locally is yielding an annual return on investment of 4/7%, with an average capital increase of 4%.

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