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Vision is what you need

to be able to create something

that the others don’t see

We have seen this part of Italy attracting incredible media attention, including the arrival of larger investors.

Puglia and the heel of Italy are often mentioned in architecture magazines, food articles and international newspapers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a portal and services that will continue to attract attention to this magical land and to gradually join all the dots that make this region so special.

Our passion and knowledge for architecture has made us start from an area of expertise that we know well, but our long-term vision is to develop Salento With Love in to the company that unites this region, bringing this territory with all its expertise and potential out to the open world.

Salento once a very wealthy area has left us with an incredible heritage, craftmanship, agriculture, innovation, textile and much more.

Our vision is to make people aware of the large potential, involved in developing business opportunity here, through a professional, transparent and modern approach!

If you know this area or if you have simply stumbled on it during your holiday, please share your vision with us.

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