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Why Salento With Love

We naturally go the extra mile to ensure that you’re totally satisfied.

Salento With Love has tailored a range of services aimed at helping investors and owners to reap the benefits of owning a property in Italy.

Often, potential buyers are drawn to the idea of owning a holiday or retirement property in Italy but are put off by the difficulty of managing their investment at a distance.

Commodity bills, repairs, maintenance, security, local taxes, cleaning and sometimes even your own arrival can prove time consuming and stressful.

Our services are aimed at removing all of that stress and turning your holiday property into an extension of your own home; somewhere you can relax and enjoy the space that you have created.

Perhaps you already own a property but don’t have the time or the knowhow to generate revenue from it, or would like help to manage it.

Our services and our approach are both transparent and professional, allowing you to monitor the whole process throughout the contract term.

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