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Whether you are looking for a Holiday Home, Retirement Property or Investment, SWL can source your property giving you professional advice on realistic values and negotiate on your behalf assisting you every step of the way.

What is a Property Finder?

A Property Finder, is someone engaged by YOU the buyer, to help find, negotiate and purchase a property.

Benefits of Using a Property Finder

  • Save time and money
  • Access in depth local real estate knowledge
  • Access to a wider choice of properties, some of which may not be advertised
  • Turning the experience of purchasing a property into an exciting one. 

Complete Package

Need our help?  Searching and buying a property can be time consuming. Our complete package “We search, we inspect, we advise’’ helps you from start to finish in your property purchasing journey.

We will then assist you in negotiating the best possible price with our ‘’Negotiation and Purchase’’ package, saving you money and precious time.  

Assess & Negotiate

You have probably been searching on the many internet portals. You have already found the ideal property. Not sure if it’s a good one?  Need a second opinion? You live in a different country and are too far away to visit and inspect? Not sure how to negotiate or take the next step?  

Our package “You Search, We Inspect, We Advise” will allow you to make an informed decision. 

Renovation Consulting

Our service includes meeting you at your property to go through any required t renovations, see our property maintenance service.

Once estimates have been obtained from several suppliers and agreed upon, we are happy to either let you take over from there or we can continue to monitor and project manage the renovations to complition.

 Property Finder and Relocation Service include: 

  • Research and find a suitable property that fits your requirements
  • Schedule appointments with various agencies 
  • Accompany you to view properties during your discovery tour 
  • Negotiate and complete all relevant rental applications or contract of sale negotiations
  • Conduct an initial condition report
  • Applying for the Italian “Fiscal Code”
  • Advising on Notary services 
  • Acting on your behalf during the completion purchasing stage
  • Arrange utility connections
  • Advising during the refurbishment process 
  • Assisting obtaining building permits and planning permission 
  • Arrange purchasing of furniture 
  • Home styling service 
  • Language/Interpreter assistance
  • Access to our database of local professional including, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountant and Architects  

Free consultation service 

  • We offer a free Skype consultation service for 30min. You can schedule a call and ask all the questions you may have before embarking on your journey, knowing that you’re going to get accurate information.
  • Our consultation service allows you to build knowledge in areas such of Italian law, taxation, purchasing process, planning permission and residency to mention a few.
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