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Salento has become a land of visitors over the years, visitors fascinated by the different seasons and the changes of colours and light of this beautiful land.

The summer months see a massive increase of tourism and visitors, including many locals that have immigrated to different parts of the world, returning home for the summer.

We offer the opportunity to rent your property from September to April with an option to rent for multiple months.

This offers a dual possibility.


Property owner:

For your holiday home to be lived through the winter months, keeping it dry and in full use.

Generating revenue during the winter

Offering the opportunity to people to discover Salento during a quieter holiday season.


Opportunity for the user:

Explore Salento in total comfort.

Consider the possibility of investing or even relocating.

Try the area without the commitment of a long-term agreement or purchasing.

Have a base while supervising the development of your own project.


Short term rentals are a great opportunity to explore, live, test, escape without the responsibility or the high costs related to hotel and holiday homes.

We only select and offer properties that can offer total comfort during the winter months.

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