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We assist both ends

Property owners that would like to invest or own a property in Italy, some already own a property in Salento and want to turn it into a revenue tool, and the people that would like to discover Salento by renting a property for short to medium or long stays.

Knowing the territory allows us to maximise your investment and experience with this beautiful area.

Our experience in the property investment sector, holiday homes, relocation and retirement property, allows us to best advise our clients on where and how to maximise their return.

Advise on where best to rent, time of the year, location, we will also help you in making the right choice on where and when to go.


    We have developed several options for property owners, taking away the worry of owning a property abroad and turn it into a real asset for them.

    Our options cater for different needs, from private to corporate investors and property owners. 


    We help you turn your beautiful property into a revenue generating tool.

    We will take care of your guests, allowing you to relax and benefit from owning a property abroad.


    If you’re renting, we know how important it is to get the right service

    We want you to feel at home during your stay in Salento.

    If you’re renting for a long period of time, we also want to make sure that you’re staying in a premium property managed by Salento With Love

    We are fully dedicated to service and our home owners have chosen us for that reason.


    It’s your house and trusting your agent is fundamental. We offer a total transparent service by keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

    Regular updates about the state of your property and suggestions on how to improve your property, we will help maximise your yearly income.



    We will advertise your property on several portals, increasing your chance of renting your beautiful property for the right value.

    Monitoring the interest and handling all enquiries from prospect renters.


    Phone call away!

    We will take care of every aspect.

    Due diligence of your potential client, arrange viewing, negotiate the best possible rent income for you,

    signing of the contracts,






    security and more.

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